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Binz double cab   Price: $24,500
1958 binz double cab, better known as "the mississippi binz" this bus was pulled from a junkyard in april of 2006. it's rough to say the least but certainly one of the coolest binzes out there. aside from some rattle bomb paint on the repaired rockers, the finish is all original. it has a narrowed beam, raised steering box and straight axle kit. NOICE!

it has the original factory big windows for the crew area and i think all of the other glass is original as well. big deal.

here's what it needs: basically everything tho i am certain that this is not a bus to attempt to restore, you would be further ahead by buying the finished binz in the UK. i would have the front floors done (OG paint early front floor included), the crew floor (funkygreen metal included) and belly pans (funky green metal included) beyond that, leave this bus alone. the only thing to do to this bus is make it as stiff as it was when it left the factory. serious buyers get a full set of photos that if you are into rust, these will be mind expanding pornography for you to enjoy in you private moments. OKAY!

here is what people some peoples opinions are of this vehicle:

paul in texas writes:
"Just saw your bus, wanted to tell you that it is unbelievable. Coolest bus i've seen in a while"

sam says:
"come on man, you could be a geek-a-phonic, no game, no pu$$y gett'n wanna be mamma's boy. You roll up in this thing and IT IS OVER!!!"

gof@$ says:
"Dont matter if it is a binz, its f)&#$n junk, 15k worth of rust repair, my shizzie must be worth 100k if yours is worth that, beat it loser!!!!"

everyone else says:
"I'd buy it if i had the money!"

rust details, frame is solid, cross members are good, jackpoints and outriggers are so-so, some have been replaced already, lower nose is rusty, front door bottoms are rusty, crew door is rusty along the bottom, crew floor is gone (note plywood), front floor needs replacing, bed is solid up to forward 9 inches then needs replacing, bed at bulkhead is kinda gone, tops of gates are open, around gate hinges are iffy in spots, roof is very nice. you get the idea, i can't possibly describe the level of rust in detail because i would surely be missing something. all i can say is i recommend seeing this bus in person. weld in the new front floor, crew floor and belly pans and forget about the rest of it. REALLY!

aside from it's astonishing good looks, this bus has a strong running mild 1641 with lots of oldschool speedparts inside. it lags a bit out of idle but i think it's the 009 that does that. it has a fresh set of "torker" wheels on it that are "perfect in every way" they are brand new and haven't even been around the block. the previous owner was driving this bus around florida and it is a well known bus in the southeast.

the bus has no "BINZ" tag or rear seat. it has it's original "suicide door" and original seamed gates.

included at the sale price of $24,500 are the wheels, the original hurst front bumper shown, NOS speedo cable, NOS throttle cable, nice used gas pedal, flat back front seats with mexican blanket covers, decent early straight shifter front floor mat, very decent late model doublecab crew floor mat, the original BINZ only headliner metal strip, some funky green metal that i mentioned, doublecab bed metal repair sections. as you can see it also has an original paint pressed front bumper and an original early truck only pressed rear bumper with a patina that matches the rest of the body perfectly. the vehicle has a florida title. i haven't transfered the title into my name but can if the buyer insists.

my usual rap: no trades, serious buyers only. i know times are tough, don't email or call to tell me that. no picture collectors, time wasters, dreamers, minors, registered sex offenders, penpals, or hate mailers. if you have to ask your wife.......fuggetaboutit! if you wanna send me ragging emails, i'd prefer that you try to embarass me publically in the forums. it'll be more enjoyable for both of us.

i'll assist with shipping in just about anyway i can. no matter where you are, i know how to get you the vehicle.

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